DigiPay Download v7.3 2023 (New Update)

Digipay Download the new version, CSC Digipay is available with its new version with new updates. Now you can download Digipay’s new version for secure and faster transactions for Windows and Android devices.

Digipay is a financial software developed by CSC e-Governance Service India Limited here we are providing a download option of Digipay. The software develops to provide financial transactions in rural areas where the banking system is limited. Through Digipay people can transfer money to any bank’s account directly very faster and also without bank details if they have aadhaar card linked bank accounts. The system has AEPS enabled system through which a person can transfer money and withdraw money from his/her bank account. Apart from this, Digipay also can be done as a cash deposit service through which villagers can get banking services in their local places.

The objectives of CSC Digipay are to boost digital transactions and solve financial problems in rural areas in the country. Apart from this, people can get aware of digital transactions and related services. CSC Digipay’s new version makes all these services easier and faster and simple to use for the users.

Digipay has become a part of financial service-providing platforms in remote areas of the country and making empower people and contributing to the country’s digital economy.

Screenshots – DigiPay New Version (v7.3)

Amazing Features of DigiPay Latest Version

Digipay is a digital transactions service providing platform under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India developed by Common Service Center e-governance service India Limited company. The Digipay has multiple features as follows:

Aadhaar-enabled payment system (AEPS):

It allows users to transact through an AEPS aadhaar-enabled payment system with biometric authentications. User can access their banking services using the AEPS service of Digipay.

Multiple payment options:

It even, allows its users to process payments through multiple payment ways including debit cards, credit cards, UPI, and multiple mobile wallets.

Easy registration process:

If you want to go transfer money to another bank account without AEPS then you can easily register in a jiffy on Digipay with minimum information of bank accounts and can transfer money. It is very simple and straightforward with no requirement for a minimum balance or transaction fees.

Easy login:

Digipay has updated its login process and made it easier, a user can login to the software with their CSC ID and OTP. And another feature of login process is you can login with multiple CSC IDs without reinstalling.

IMPS Payment service:

It has an IMPS payment service feature using which you can transfer money instantly to any bank account. However, according to IMPS maximum time it will take is 24 hours but money gets transferred instantly.

Real-time transaction tracking and reporting:

It has features of real-time tracking of transactions, as well as transaction history and reports. Customers can take a report of their recent transactions if they are registered users of Digipay.

Robust security features:

The platform has strong security features which can prevent fraud and customers can transact fearlessly.

Cash withdraw features:

Digipay has a feature to withdraw cash from customers. Using it you can cash withdraw from any customer and from any bank if accounts are AEPS enabled.

Cash deposit features:

As it is made for rural areas, therefore, those people who are living in remote areas and where banks are limited can cash deposit to their bank accounts.

Mini Statements:

Digipay provides facilities for checking mini statements of customer bank accounts. Using this software a VLE can provide financial services in remote areas of the country.

Balance Inquiry:

This software allows you to inquire about customer bank accounts and it is one of the best services for rural areas people. Those who only want to check their bank balance can use this service of this software.

Wallet topup features:

This feature is for the VLE of CSC who are using this software for providing financial services in their areas. Wallet top-up feature helps in transferring monies to customers’ bank accounts, cash withdrawals, cash deposits, etc.

Payout features:

The payout feature is one of the essential features for CSCs because maximum remuneration payment is made through Digipay. And a VLE can transfer that money using the payout feature.

Overall, CSC DigiPay is a comprehensive digital payment solution that aims to make financial services more accessible to all citizens of India, especially those in rural areas who may not have easy access to traditional banking services.

Digipay CSC Download Apk For Android

If you are looking to download the Digipay app for your Android device then you can do so. In addition, downloading this app for your device is a great way to make digital transactions more easier and accessible. Because you can use your mobile device easily anywhere compare to a PC. However, it is comfortable on a PC but a mobile device is not less, all facilities of this software you can use on a mobile device too.

Digipay for android
App NameDigipay
Package Namecom.digipay.csc.digipay_new
App TypeApk
App Size7.36
Updated On8 Jun 2022

Download DigiPay Apk Latest Version :

DigiPay Apk new version 8.1 is a comprehensive guide to digital payments that you can download from here. In recent years, the use of Digipay has increased significantly due to its convenience and efficiency. This software is also comfortable on mobile devices using this you can easily transfer money, cash deposit, and cash withdrawals can be done for your customers.

Download DigiPay Apk Old Version :

If you want to download Digipay’s old version then you should know this is a financial app and the services are provided through CSC e-governance service limited India, therefore, they are not providing their service on its old version. If you use the old version then there will be no security and support from the company.

Download DigiPay Apk on Playstore :

Digipay Android version is available to download on the google play store with its latest version update. To install this app from the play store simply search for “Digipay CSC” in the search bar and click from the search results. Once you find the app, click on Install to start the download and installation process.

Alternatively, we are providing its apk file you can download it. It is a secure and official version.

Digipay Download For PC and Windows

Digipay download for PC and Windows versions is linked below with the latest version. There are many bugs in the previous version that are fixed in the new version and made easier. The latest version is 7.1 for PC or Windows and it supports all types of operating systems in Windows.


Requirements for running Digipay on your PC

In order to run DigiPay on your PC, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Windows operating system 32bit or 64bit
  • Internet connection
  • A biometric device with CSC support RD Service. Download RD Services for your devices.
  • Need to be deleted all old data of Digipay’s old version from your PC.

How to install Digipay latest version on PC

To install Digipay on your PC follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, remove all old data from your PC.
  • Now click on the downloaded digipay setup.
  • Then click on the next button multiple times and finish the installation process.
  • Now run as administrator and sign in with your CSC ID.
  • After providing OTP your first login will complete and now you can use the software.

Digipay for iOs (iPhone / iPad)

Digipay does not support the IOS operating system and you can’t use this app on your IOS device whether it is a tablet or mobile device. If you want to use Digipay then you need to use Windows version and Android devices only. To download and install this app on your device you can download it from the above-given download link.

Facing an Installation Problem with the DigiPay New Version?

If you are facing issues with installing the new version of Digipay then maybe you did not follow the requirements section. Some people complain that they are not able to install the software on their windows however they use an older version of this software. Generally, there is no issue if are also facing this issue then simply you need to install the older version and delete the CSC e-governance folder from the “C” drive from your PC. Then try to install it again and you will be successful this time. Apart from this, you can visit Digipay’s error and its solutions page here.

Digipay CSC bugs

Download RD Services for your devices

To run Digipay on your devices you should download RD Service and need to register there, RD Service differs from variant to variant. Below has listed CSC that supports RD Services and its software.



Iritech (iris)

iritech rd service


mantra rd service


Morpho rd service


nextbiometrics rd service


Precision Biometric rd service


secugen rd service


startek rd service


nitgen rd service

CSC Digpay FAQ’s

How to update Digipay?

To update digipay download the latest version and remove old data from your device then install the new version.

What is CSC Digipay?

Digipay is a payment platform developed by CSC e-governance service limited India that is providing financial services in the remote and rural areas of the country. Through the portal, people can transact money such as cash withdrawals, cash deposits, money transfers, etc.

How do I register for CSC Digipay?

This software can use only VLE of CSC and they are authorized persons for this software. A VLE has CSC ID and using this can login to the portal. However, whenever people want to transact through digipay then people need to visit a CSC center.

What services can I avail using Digipay?

You can get service os cash withdrawals, cash deposits, money transfers, and balance inquiries along with mini statements of your bank account.

Is CSC Digipay safe and secure?

Yes, it is safe and secure. This software uses advanced security and all are encrypted also two-factor authentication security system is followed to secure users’ transactions and data.

Can I use CSC Digipay on my mobile phone?

Yes, it has an Android apk you can download it from above given download link.

Can I get a refund if my transaction fails?

Yes, you will get your money back if the money deducts due to technical and other issues. You can raise a ticket for a refund by clicking on the support option.

Is there any charge for using CSC Digipay?

No, there is no charge for using CSC digipay.

Is RD service necessary to use Digipay?

Yes, without a valid RD Service, you can’t use this software because it is very secure and safe.

Where can I get RD service for my biometric devices?

You can download and register your biometric device from related company websites.

Final Words

So finally hope you have successfully installed DigiPay software on your Windows PC and smartphone to provide financial service in your area. This was complete guidance on how to download and install Digipay for your PC and other devices. If you have any issues with this site then kindly contact us as soon as possible.