DigiPay Lite Apk Download 2023

Digipay Lite Apk Download which is a lite version of Digipay that added some new features for the users and made it easier from here you can download its official app for your mobile and PC.

Digipay has launched its lite version with some amazing features that will impress you to use instead of the Digipay original version. As you know Digi Pay provides financial services to rural areas and remote areas of the country. It aims to provide financial services and wants to make people aware of digital transactions.

Download Digi Pay lite version and grab its new features of it and earn more commissions instantly. However, it is very easy to use compared to the original one and provides fast and secure services. It has multiple new features such as DMT (Domestic Money Transfer) service, AEPS services, recharge services, etc. The download link to this software and app is given below and before downloading look at its new look and features.

Screenshots – Digi Pay Lite Version

New Features of DigiPay Lite Version

CSC has launched Digipay lite version which has come with multiple amazing features and user-friendly features. It has a mobile application and a web version and people are using its mobile version very much because it is easy to use and works instantly. The Lite version of Digi Pay shows fewer errors than the original. Some of the features are as follows:

Aadhaar-enabled payment system (AEPS):

The lite version has made the AEPS payment process fast and easy using this service you can easily transfer customers’ money and can check balances. Apart from this, the commission gets credited instantly to your account if you make transactions using the lite version.

Micro ATM:

It has a micro ATM service using which you can cash withdraw money and the amount will credit immediately after the transactions with commissions.

Cashout to other bank account

If you want to get the Digipay balance in your bank account then the lite version has a feature named cashout using which you can send money to any bank account. However, the first copy does not have this option and you can send only this account that is linked with CSC only.

Fast and Easy to Use

The lite version is very fast and easy to use, all the services are given very fast and anyone can use this app as the design is user friendly.

DMT Wallte and Micro ATM Wallet

It has two wallets in the lite version which are the DMT wallet and the micro atm wallet. The usage of these wallets is different as for transferring money from one account to another the DMT wallet will work and in case of cash withdrawal micro atm wallet will work. And you can transfer money from DMT to Micro and Micro to DMT wallet easily.

CSC Digipay Lite Apk For Android

If you want to use the lite version of Digi Pay apk then you need to download its apk from here because it will not be found on the google play store. CSC did not upload the apk to the play store therefore, we are providing its download options here.

digipay lite
App NameDigipay Lite
Package Namecom.cscpay.cscpay
App TypeApk
App Size54.01 Mb

Download DigiPay Apk Latest Version

It is a lite version of Digipay which is web-based and the latest apk download link is provided below.

Download DigiPay Lite Apk on Playstore :

If you are looking to download the lite version apk from the google play store then you can’t download this because it did not upload there. You need to download this app from here only, you can trust this is the official version. If you are thinking it contains viruses and malware then I want to make it secure and tell you that it is an official version there is no risk in using the lite version.

Equipment to run DigiPay Lite on your Mobile phone

To run Digipay Lite on your mobile phone or android device you need some equipment as follows.

  • Digipay Lite Apk
  • Fingerprint device
  • RD Service of your biometric device
  • OTG Cable

How to Install the Digi Pay Lite on your mobile?

To install the lite version follow the steps below.

  • First of all, enable OTG settings from your mobile phone from the settings. To enable click on your mobile settings and find OTG settings and then enable the option.
  • Then go to your file manager to install the app on your mobile go to download and then click on the apk that you downloaded and click on install.
  • After that, you will need to enable an unknown source setting from your mobile phone so enable that. The setting option will appear while you are going to install the apk.
  • Then install the apk after enabling the unknown source.
  • Then download the RD Service app for your fingerprint devices. If you have a morpho fingerprint device then download the morpho rd service app from the google play store. However, you can find all companies’ RD service apps on the google play store.
  • After installing RD Service connect it with the OTG cable to the fingerprint device as you did earlier.
  • Then refresh and enable the rd service from the rd service app.
  • Then go to the Digipay Lite app and login with your user credentials.
  • Now you can use the app for providing financial services.

How to use the Digi Pay Lite on your mobile?

The lite version is very easy to use on mobile phones, and as you know to use digipay on your mobile you need some equipment that you can know from here. To use the lite version on your mobile follow the steps:

  • First of all, you need to login after installing all the necessary things on your mobile.
  • Then a welcome page will open where you will be told to complete the EKYC which you can do later. But if you want to complete the eKYC then proceed because it is mandatory to fill the eKYC.
  • After skipping the page home screen will appear where you can see wallets and at the bottom of the page can see the options such as APES, mATM, and DMT, which you can use for money transfers, balance inquiries, and cash withdrawals.
  • If you want to use AEPS then click on the AEPS option from which you can cash withdraw, transfer money, and check the balance using your Aadhaar card which is called AEPS.
  • And micro ATM option to cash withdraw and balance inquiry for those who don’t want to use AEPS banking. To use mATM you need to buy a micro ATM from CSC.
  • If you want to add money then you need to click on add money option from the top add money button.
  • And the left sidebar you will find multiple options such as reports, cashout, settings, etc.

Digipay Lite Download For PC and Windows

Digipay lite is a web-based portal therefore, if you want to use the lite version on your PC or Laptop then you have to go to the web because the lite version does not have windows software. To use this lite version click here to go to the portal.

Digipay Lite for iOs (iPhone / iPad)

Digipay did not have its lite version for apple phones, therefore, you can’t find it anywhere for iPhones or iPad operating systems. However, you can use the web portal of it on your device, to use its web portal click here. And if you want to use its application for your mobile phones then stay with us when CSC develops the lite version for apple users we will provide its download link here.

CSC Digpay FAQ’s

What is DigiPay lite version?

The lite version is a new simplified copy of the full version that has fewer features compared to the full version.

Can’t get login to the lite version?

If you are unable to login to the app or portal then make sure your ID is generated. To know about your digipay lite version’s ID check your email.

What is the limit of money transfers in the lite version of Digipay?

Rs. 75000/-

I can’t use the DMT service on my lite version.

The DMT service is closed temporarily therefore new users of the lite version can’t use the DMT Services.

Can I install the lite version on my computer?

No for the lite version, there is one apk for android only. To use the lite version on your PC you need to go to the web portal.

Who can use Digi Pay lite version?

Only authorized CSC VLE can use the lite version. However, you can get registered to use the lite version for that contact district manager or support team.

Why can’t I find Digipay lite app on the Google play store?

CSC did not publish the lite version on the google play store.

Final Words

Digipay lite is a simplified version of the full version that is launched for only authorized VLEs and they can use this version. We are not an official website but we are making available the digipay lite version for downloads with easy step-by-step guidance. This is a secure apk file that you are downloading from our website that was developed by CSC themselves.