The Attribute “ci” of “skye” is not valid error in Digipay – Fixed Digipay v7.1

The Digipay error The Attribute “ci” of “skye” is not valid some CSC VLEs are facing it and can’t login to Digipay. If you are looking to solve this issue then this is the right place for you.

This problem is getting to see on Digipay version 7.1 after installing the updated version. But don’t worry here I am with the solutions. This is a simple issue you can solve in a jiffy, actually due to inactive updating software and related equipment of this software then this type of error appears.

What is The Attribute “ci” of “skye” is not valid issue in Digipay?

It is not an issue due to mitch match of version in Digipay this error appears, actually this error appears for morpho RD Service. If you are using a morpho fingerprint device, and you have not updated its latest RD service then this type of error occurs when you go to login to the Digipay latest version. People say that when they updated their digipay, this error showed their screens.


To solve The Attribute “ci” of “skye” is not valid error in digipay read the section carefully. Due to do not updating morpho RD Service this issue is appearing on your device, therefore to solve this error follow the steps.

  • First of all, to solve this issue you need to uninstall the old morpho RD service from your devices by going control panel of your PC.
  • And need to delete all folders related to morpho rd service from your C drive.
  • Then download the new RD Service from the official website link provided here in the RD Service section.
  • To download the right version of RD service click on download from the menu bar of the website.
morpho rd service
  • Now click on the APP-RD Compatibility list from the sub-menu. As shown in the photo.
morpho rd service download
  • A new page will open from where find the name of Digipay and click on the download link from the suitable side links options.
  • After downloading install the latest versions of RD Service.
  • Then go to the login page of Digi and login.


In conclusion of The Attribute “ci” of “skye” is not valid error in digipay is a common issue that many CSC users are facing while trying to login to Digi. You need to solve this by installing the new version of the RD service of the Morpho fingerprint biometric device.

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